Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rainbow Nights Paddle

Ruff Doggie Styles really is one of my favorite brands out there. They make fantastic, affordable products and understand that a toy should look as good as it feels.

I recently bought the Rainbow Nights paddle, which is a gorgeous piece of work. I bought mine in black, but it also comes in silver.

As with all products by this manufacturer, the packaging was simple - just a plastic sleeve and a descriptive tag on the end of the handle.

The paddle itself did not disappoint. The back features velvet with beautiful all-over stitching and beadwork; it was slightly imperfect but I think it added a handmade touch. The other side of the paddle is smooth black leather. I inspected the paddle closely and didn't find any loose stitches, which I've seen on other, lower-quality products.

The paddle measures 11 inches top to bottom. The actual hitting surface is roughly 7 inches long and is 5 inches across the widest part. The handle is roughly 4 inches long and has a cord for hanging. I thought the handle fit well into my hand and made the paddle easy to maneuver.

As for my experience on the receiving end: don't be fooled by the price tag or pretty designs on this one. It is designed to hurt. The hitting side is a smooth, hard surface, and there is little flex in the paddle. I think beginners can certainly enjoy this paddle (test it on yourself first!), but experienced folks will have a great time inflicting pain with it as well. You can also use the beaded side to rub against your partner's skin - I couldn't feel any sharp or painful parts on it, although I'm sure over time the beading will start to wear out.

I really have no complaints with this toy. It's functional, well-made to last awhile, and is pretty enough to hang on your wall without embarrassment.

You can clean the leather side of this paddle easily with a damp cloth; the cloth beaded side might be more challenging, however, so I'd recommend not letting that side come in contact with bodily fluids.

product picture
Paddle by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather / Velvet

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Love Series Cupid

I receieved a Twisted Hearts vibrator by Doc Johnson as a free gift from EdenFantasys. Unfortunately, the toy was broken upon arrival, so I got a Cupid vibrator by the mysterious Shaki Toys instead. I had never heard of the toy or manufacturer before, but free gifts are free gifts.
The Cupid vibrator packaging is, um, well, entertaining. Simply put, it's covered in Engrish. I say this not to be cruel to the manufacturer, but because it honestly makes me a little skeptical about putting this object in my body. Call me a snob, but I want to know that the toy I'm using had a lot of thought and design put into it (a la LELO or JimmyJane).

Obviously, I'm not expecting velvet and gold out of a $23 vibrator, but I'd rather have minimalist packaging (as Ruff Doggie Styles is known for) than a failed attempt at a product description. For example:

What? What am I about to put in my vagina??

Packaging aside, the first thing I noticed about the vibrator was that it has a tremendous amount of flex. The material itself is soft and squishy (apparently a TPR silicone), and twisting and shaking the shaft yielded a lot of movement.

I don't really like flexible vibrators, but if that's your preference, you'll have a great time with Cupid. I did like look of the all-over flowers and ridging. Texture is a big plus. The size is also pretty decent, with a 5.5 inch circumference, 1.75 inch diameter, and 6 inches of insertable length. The vibrator takes two AA batteries (not included), and it is multispeed, controlled with a rotating dial at the base.

The side of the package encouraged me to "lube up and enjoy the stimulation of the realistic penis head and veined shaft" (last I checked, penises don't have flowers on them), so that's just what I did.

I was pretty underwhelmed by my experience with Cupid. The vibrations aren't very strong. I used the maximum setting the whole time and had to really press the vibrator against my body to feel the sensation.

Cupid worked fine against my clit, but inside my body, I was unimpressed. The ridges felt nice, but vibrator is so flexible that whenever I tried to press up against it for a deeper sensation, it yielded nothing. Eventually I just ended up using Cupid to stimulate my clit directly and bring me to orgasm.

Points to Shaki Toys for making an attractive toy, but in terms of delivery, honestly, I would've had a better time with a $5 bullet vibrator. It's great that Cupid is waterproof and multispeed, but those are standard settings for most vibrators of its class. At $23, there are better options out there.

Cupid has a bumpy surface, but can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

product picture
Traditional vibrator by Shaki Toys
Material: TPR Silicone