Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rainbow Nights Paddle

Ruff Doggie Styles really is one of my favorite brands out there. They make fantastic, affordable products and understand that a toy should look as good as it feels.

I recently bought the Rainbow Nights paddle, which is a gorgeous piece of work. I bought mine in black, but it also comes in silver.

As with all products by this manufacturer, the packaging was simple - just a plastic sleeve and a descriptive tag on the end of the handle.

The paddle itself did not disappoint. The back features velvet with beautiful all-over stitching and beadwork; it was slightly imperfect but I think it added a handmade touch. The other side of the paddle is smooth black leather. I inspected the paddle closely and didn't find any loose stitches, which I've seen on other, lower-quality products.

The paddle measures 11 inches top to bottom. The actual hitting surface is roughly 7 inches long and is 5 inches across the widest part. The handle is roughly 4 inches long and has a cord for hanging. I thought the handle fit well into my hand and made the paddle easy to maneuver.

As for my experience on the receiving end: don't be fooled by the price tag or pretty designs on this one. It is designed to hurt. The hitting side is a smooth, hard surface, and there is little flex in the paddle. I think beginners can certainly enjoy this paddle (test it on yourself first!), but experienced folks will have a great time inflicting pain with it as well. You can also use the beaded side to rub against your partner's skin - I couldn't feel any sharp or painful parts on it, although I'm sure over time the beading will start to wear out.

I really have no complaints with this toy. It's functional, well-made to last awhile, and is pretty enough to hang on your wall without embarrassment.

You can clean the leather side of this paddle easily with a damp cloth; the cloth beaded side might be more challenging, however, so I'd recommend not letting that side come in contact with bodily fluids.

product picture
Paddle by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather / Velvet

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