Friday, March 18, 2011

Edible Body Paint

I visited A this past weekend in order to, well, have sex with A, but also to attend Carnaval. Austin's Carnaval claims to be one of the biggest outside of Rio de Janeiro, and it lived up to the hype. In anticipation of a night of nakedness, colorful costumes and debauchery, I decided to order some edible body paint. I'm not normally big on gimmicky things like body paint, but I figured Carnaval was a pretty good occasion for it.

Upfront disclaimer: I don't have experience with any other body paint besides this one, but I've seen the chocolate paint and honey dust products out there. If you're looking for a tasty, sensual, one-on-one paint session, without having even tried those products, I can wholeheartedly recommend them over this one. (Unless you hate chocolate and love artificial flavoring.) But if you're looking for a colorful, wild-and-crazy mood enhancer, in or out of the bedroom, this is that type of body paint. Different products for different occasions.

The body paint is officially made by
Pipedream, but you wouldn't know that from the packaging, which is all about being bright and bold. The ingredients are clearly listed on the back: De-ionized Water, Glycerine, Sorbitol Glyceryl, Stearate Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Soy Bean Oil, Methylparaben, Triethanolamine, Artificial Flavors, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C #1....yum. Inside are four securely-packed little jars in the following flavors: "Chew Chew" Cherry (pink), "Scrumptious" Strawberry (red), "Gooey" Blueberry (blue), and "Awesome" Apple (green).

The seal around the top of each jar is a pain in the ass to get off; use scissors. The paint has a goopy consistency and is easy to spread. I had been afraid that if I rubbed the paint in too much, it would disappear, but the pigment holds pretty well. My fingers were stained by the end of our painting session, and I needed to scrub to get it off. (However, the paint all washed off my body easily at the end of the night, with no stains.) I would say that the blue is the most pigmented, and the pink is by far the least pigmented. I used the pink color the least because it didn't show up as well on our skin.

The jars are small, but you get surprisingly good use out of them. We had more than enough to cover the areas we wanted, which included spreading large amounts of the paint onto our hands to make handprints. After painting myself and A, I still have about half left over.

Then, out on the town we went! Carnaval was held in a huge convention center indoors. The body paint stood up pretty well to dancing, sweating, and rubbing. It did start to get clumpy as the night went on, but it definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of durability. You can wear this stuff out and expect it to last until everyone is too drunk to care.

Now, for the most important part: the taste!

After dancing for awhile, I grew envious of others' beautiful body paint designs and decided I wanted to get my chest professionally painted. Up til this point, A and I had been the only ones licking the paint off of each other. We both agreed that the taste is a 3/10. Similar to the pigmentation, I thought blueberry (blue) was the tastiest flavor, and cherry (pink) was my least favorite flavor.

To be honest, I just didn't expect much out of the taste, especially because I hate artificial flavoring, so that made me not mind. But at least all the flavors were true to their description. I certainly didn't grimace or gag on any of the paint and had fun licking it off of A. After a LOT of licking while we were painting each other, my mouth started to feel kinda gummy, so I would recommend not getting overly ambitious with covering your lover's entire body and expecting to clean it all off in one session ;)

Now for a bonus: while standing in line to get professionally painted, I mentioned to the couple in front of us that my body paint was edible. They didn't believe me, so I had them lick the handprints on my thighs. The girl giggled and said "It tastes like strawberry!" (See, flavors are true to their description.)

After that, I made it my "thing" for the rest of the night to have people lick the handprints on my thighs. In case you're not familiar with Carnaval, it really is the most hypersexualized event you can imagine. Everyone is getting photographed, kissed and fondled, regardless of age or gender. I don't know how many people licked my thighs - probably around 20. Some of them even got adventurous and licked my pussy, hoping I wouldn't notice. My favorite was an aunt and her nephew (both hot, both of age), who licked my thighs together. What a family bonding experience. And, perhaps unbeknownst to his aunt, the nephew flicked his tongue over my nether regions as he stood back up. (Faces blurred to protect the debaucherous. Note that the paint on my torso in the photo below is professional, not the edible stuff.)

I enjoyed the idea that I was facilitating new and shared experiences for total strangers, and that those experiences were taking place at the most sexual, powerful region of my body. There was a lot of saliva mixing on my thighs (see how gross the strawberry handprint looks in the above photo). Unsanitary? Yes. Fun? Yes.

Anyway, everyone who licked my thighs seemed tickled pink by the novelty and not at all grossed out by the taste. So there you have it. The taste is tolerable. Before Carnaval, I tended to think of edible body paint as something for "behind the doors", but now I definitely recommend it for a public or party setting to boot! Mardi Gras is just around the corner on March 8th....

product picture
Body paint by Pipedream
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.



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