Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainbow Star Crop

I received a rainbow crop from EdenFantasys. I had been looking for a crop with personality, and when I saw this one, I knew that was it. The rainbow crop is made by Ruff Doggie Styles, which, true to its sassy name, makes a number of products in fun shapes and designs that are designed to hurt (including this one, shaped like a giant hand).

A crop that looks like a magic wand, with a rainbow star to boot? And the potential to leave star-shaped marks on my ass? Sign me up!

The crop is 25 inches in length, with the star measuring up to 4 inches from point to point. It doesn't come with any memorable packaging - just a plastic sleeve - but I got a kick out of the tag attached to the handle. This toy combines my love of fantasy with my love of sex toys!

The handle and star are made of leather, and it's pretty supple. If not the highest quality, it's much nicer than I was expecting. The handle has two thin leather strips that form a wrist strap, and the leather on the star is much thicker, but still has a good amount of flex. (The star itself is flexible, and the star also flexes against the crop itself.)

As others have noted, the length of the handle is made of a gold-colored nylon. I'm not bothered by this at all. I think it's a pretty color, and to me it looks exactly as in the photos. My only concern is that the nylon will start to pill and fray after some use. Also, only one side of the star is rainbow-colored; the other side is black (and made of leather, not suede, as the description states). Again, I'm not bothered by this, but some people might feel shortchanged.

When I received this crop, I noticed that the star was bent upwards a bit towards the rainbow side. This may have just been a result of shipping, but even after use I've noticed that the star hasn't completely flattened out. This affects how you use the crop if you're trying to leave star-shaped marks. It's better to smack your partner with the black side facing up so that the star flattens out when it hits the skin. But, of course, it's not as attractive-looking for the person using the crop. As I was on the receiving end of the crop, it didn't affect me, and as I said, this may have been peculiar to my crop, but I wanted to make note of it. It's still perfectly usable with the rainbow side facing up, though.

For the rainbow crop's first use, my partner trussed me up in a hogtie, wrapped a belt around my neck, and held on with one hand while laying the smackdown with his other hand. The crop smarted against my skin. I winced, cringed, and squirmed helplessly against the pain.


Afterwards, I did not have a single lasting bruise or mark on my ass. My partner was unable to produce star-shaped marks that lasted long enough for me to see afterwards. It looked great from his end while beating me, but I was hoping for some star-shaped bruises as a souvenir. Maybe I was expecting too much.

The smacks from this crop sting, to be sure, and I think it has a place among novice and more experienced users. The crop is lightweight enough that you can go nice and easy on your partner, or you can really make your partner squirm. But no bruises? I cherish those post-sex bruises. It's possible my partner didn't hit me hard enough, but this is a guy who made my ears ring by smacking me across the face and has no problem leaving bruises on my skin with his hand, so I doubt it was for lack of trying.

So yes, I was left feeling a little disappointed that I didn't have anything to show for after using this crop. But overall I'm still very satisfied with it and have continued to use it. I imagine making those star-shaped marks and bruises will require some practice. And I love, love, love the magic wand theme of this crop! It looks great on its own, and I even managed to carry this around in public without receiving any stares. (To be fair, I live in San Francisco.)

Something I considered when picking partners to test this crop with is that some people might feel emasculated or silly to be smacking someone with a rainbow star crop. But that applies to most of these novelty design toys for beating and is a matter of personal preference. The partners I used this with (both male) absolutely loved the design and shape and felt very comfortable handling the crop.

One last thing I noticed, for those of you hoping to leave star-shaped marks: the combination of the size of the star and the curve of a human's body means that there are better and worse places to hit your partner. You want the whole area of the star to make contact with the skin. The top of the buttocks and the back has that potential. I didn't see many other places on my back/ass where the star will make full skin contact.

product picture
Crop by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.



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