Friday, March 18, 2011

Bubbles Minivibe

I bought the latest and greatest from Fun Factory's "Click n' Charge" line of vibrators. This line of four vibrators are rechargeable. Not only that, but they recharge with a magnetic charger. I know, it's trendy, but I had to have one. I was between the Bimini Ocean and the Minivibe Bubbles. In other words - clitoral or G-Spot stimulation? Ah, life is hard.

Ultimately, I went with Bubbles because I wanted a nice thick vibrator (it's 1 5/8" diameter, or 5 1/4" circumference) that would hit my G-spot. I had reservations about buying a vibrator that looked like the Michelin Man, but it's a very pale blue, not white, and I convinced myself it looked more like a caterpillar.

Bubbles comes with two packages - one for your vibe, and one for the charger. The package with the vibe includes instructions and a sample of Toyfluid. The charger plugs into your wall like a cell phone charger and has two magnetic points. (Beware, they will cling to your magnetic things!)

The toy itself is small (hence the name "Minivibe") and fits snugly into the palm of my hand. The bubbly parts are made of soft, squishy silicone and have some surprising flex to them. It curves up slightly at the second-to-last bubble. The black plastic base exists solely for charging purposes; the actual controls, a simple plus and minus sign, are on the bottom bubble itself.

Bubbles needs to be charged before first use. Simply let the magnetic points attach to the base of the toy, which you do by matching up the words "Fun" on the charger and toy. There's no open port here, which means it's very easy to knock the charger off. Thankfully, you know it's charging when the word "Fun" lights up on the charger. It charges fully after a couple of hours.

Off to the races! I lubed Bubbles up and settled into bed for a good time. There is no on/off button - Bubbles is turned on and off by pressing the plus and minus signs. To increase the intensity, you can hold the plus sign down, or press it several times. Once you reach maximum intensity, hold down the plus sign again to activate three pulsation patterns. The first two are escalation pulses (one fast, one slow), and the third is short, fast bursts of vibrations.

First thing I noticed: the controls are annoyingly-placed. The toy is short to begin with, and having the controls on the bottom bubble instead of on the black base makes them difficult to use. It's especially slippery when there's lube on the toy. I found myself fumbling around several times, not sure if I was hitting a plus or a minus until after the fact.

The vibrations, however, made me quickly forget my annoyances. WOW. My G-spot was definitely feeling the love. This toy is powerful at its highest setting, and I also like that you can dial it down very, very low. It does the full range. The vibrations at any level feel more like thrumming. It also isn't too loud. You will be able to hear it through bedsheets, but not through a closed door.

The pulsation patterns, though, were what sold it for me. The second pattern in particular almost immediately rocketed me into orgasm. I was shocked. I also enjoyed the first pattern. Third pattern, not so much. It is the pattern equivalent of an inexperienced fellow shoving their fingers in and out of your pussy over and over again. I couldn't get that image out of my head long enough to enjoy pattern #3. But maybe some people will find that appealing.

In using Bubbles, I treated it more like vibrating anal beads for my vagina. The toy is so thick that you can leave it in there and attend to other parts of your body, then slowly pull a few "bubbles" out for the sensation before pushing it back in. I barely had to move Bubbles at all in order to reach orgasm. Having it press deeply against my G-spot while vibrating was enough. I enjoyed three orgasms in a row this way. Bubbles's slight upward curve means it can also be laid across your clit and vagina for dual stimulation, although the vibrations are not as strong towards the tip.

Cleanup is easy with some soap and water. Bubbles is a waterproof toy. I don't know how much of the battery I ran down during my session, but I recharged the vibe anyway, and it fully charged in about half an hour. Bubbles attracts dust and lint like crazy, and it's a shame it doesn't come with a storage bag, but I think the plastic mold packaging it came in will suffice for the time being.

In short: well, despite being a little too short, Bubbles is my new best friend. Bubbles's lack of length doesn't affect its ability to deliver pleasure, it just makes it more difficult to use during play. But it has an uncanny ability to hit my G-spot via thickness and some amazing vibration patterns, and for that I can forgive any other shortcomings (last pun, I swear!).

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone



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