Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glass Wand

I received a $25 gift card and was excited to put towards an item I'd had my eye on for a long time: the mysteriously-named "glass wand". I saw a photo of this a few months ago and, being a fan of nubby and ridged dildos, instantly put it on my wish list.

It's made by a random, I assume German manufacturer listed as WHK GmbH. The package calls the toy a "Hygenically Glass Massager". I think the packaging makes this toy look like something you'd get at Spencer's, and not in a good way - black background, neon-colored letters. The glass wand is packed in foam and held in place with some wire ties. I have no idea what the deal is with this company. Still, I appreciated the lengthy description in the back, which tells you the "glass massager dong" is made of non-porous, hypoallergenic, tempered glass and is "seamless with an edgeless surface", among other things.

The glass wand is rather weighty and made of a highly reflective glass that makes it look opaque, but the toy is actually see-through. It's certainly an attractive piece, and all the nubs and shapes on it make for a promising solo session. The whole thing measures 8.5 inches, but all the "fun stuff" (bubbles, ridges) is 5.25 inches in length.

The packaging suggests: "Ice It Down, Heat It Up". A good idea, if I do say so myself. Although I couldn't stick this guy in the freezer for fear of weirding out my housemates, I ran it under some cold tap water for a bit before using.

I wasn't disappointed! Normally I prefer insertable vibrators to static dildos, but the hard, cold surface, weight of the toy, and the crazy shapes made for a fun time. I came quickly, and after removing the glass wand and relaxing for a bit, I inserted it again and came instantly. Instantly. Those ridges do wonders, let me tell ya. I will definitely be putting the glass wand into my regular rotation.

There were a few downsides, though, that prevent me from giving this toy 5 stars. Firstly, the nubs on the end of the toy sort of come to a point (see photo below). Call me crazy, but I kept feeling nervous that I'd be stabbing or hurting myself if I pushed this in too far. It forced me to be more gentle with the toy, and I didn't want to be gentle.

Second issue: as mentioned, the "fun part" of the toy spans about 5.25 inches. I couldn't access all of it. The last "bubble" would not fit in my vagina. It looks nice, sure, but it seems sort of silly that they made the ridges and shapes so long that I can't even use them all. Shouldn't this be designed for a woman's anatomy? Some women likely have longer vaginal canals, but there are few who could use this whole length. I was sort of disappointed about it.

I also tried vaginally inserting the other, smooth end of the wand but found it to be uncomfortable and almost painful. I'm sure some would find it highly pleasurable, but I don't tend to respond well to intense G-spot stimulation, which the upward curve of the smooth end certainly provided. If you like G-spot stimulation, you'd probably enjoy exploring both ends. You could probably also use it for prostate stimulation, but use caution as the other end isn't quite flared (although I'd be shocked if you got that whole thing stuck in your bum!).

Some final notes on cleaning and usage: glass can be cleaned with soap and water. I didn't have trouble cleaning all of the nooks and crannies. As for other uses, you could insert this anally (although I think it would hurt!), because there is a handle at the bottom. The wand also feels nice when rubbed on other parts of your body, especially when it's cold.

The next glass dildo I'm eyeing on my wish list: the blue swirl dildo.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sportsheets Noir Blindfold

Another product review for a toy in the light-BDSM category from Sportsheets: the Noir blindfold.

I requested this product because I currently own a blindfold in a color that was once described to me as "pussy pink". In other words, it's a little girly, and I feel weird using it or having it used on me in a power-oriented setting. So I decided to check out this toy from Sportsheets, figuring if nothing else, I'd now have a blindfold in the more serious "faux-leather black".

The packaging is nothing special. The blindfold is just attached to a piece of cardboard that says "Sportsheets - Noir - Cruelty-Free" on it. I discarded it.

The blindfold is pretty thin and flimsy-looking. It's stronger than, say, a felt blindfold, and it's lined, but it's not padded in any way. The outward-facing side of the blindfold is made of fake black leather and the inside is lined in a soft, velvety plush. Like I said, the color and materials make the blindfold look a little more serious than the one I currently own, but the flat, thin area of the blindfold means it still doesn't quite command POWER, in my opinion.

The edges of the blindfold are unfinished and slightly rough, but certainly not enough to accidentally cause pain or damage.

  • Elastic band is 1 inch wide and measures 12 inches long, unstretched
  • Blindfold area itself measures 8.75 inches across and 3.5 inches high at the widest eye parts

I tested this blindfold out. It is quite comfortable to wear, I'll say that. I love the plush lining, which doesn't get as sweaty during sex as a leather-lined blindfold might. The flatness of the blindfold also meant there wasn't anything cutting into me. I felt like I could wear it for awhile without getting uncomfortable, and I didn't feel anxious to take it off by the end of our session.

However. And this is a big however. It did NOT block out my sight entirely. I couldn't see anything important, but there was definitely light leaking through the bottom part of the blindfold, underneath my nose. I tried adjusting it myself, and there was no way to keep that light out. It was distracting.

This may be because I have a small nose, but here is where the flatness of the blindfold is a weakness. It doesn't mold to your individual face shape. It has a fairly rigid shape, and if your face doesn't quite fit that, well then that's just a shame. I wouldn't use this blindfold on myself again for this reason. Comfortable or not, it just didn't do its job, which is to block out all light and sight.

I'll keep it around to use on other people (with bigger noses, perhaps?). And maybe I'd use it onmyself in a pinch. But for now, I'm glad that my main partner owns a nice padded leather blindfold that blocks out all sight for me (something along the lines of, although not exactly, this blindfold).

To keep things in perspective though, the Noir blindfold costs 10 bucks. For 10 bucks, it really is a good deal. It's nice-looking, lined and comfortable to wear. I just got unlucky with the fit. So I would recommend buying it if you're confident this is going to fit, or if you don't mind having a little light leaking in through the bottom.

For care and maintenance, the faux-leather side can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The blindfold seems like it could get "stuck" in a shape after a bit (after several uses, it's started to take on a curved shape), so if that bothers you, you could try storing it flat to even it back out, but it might be a good thing that it starts to shape to your face after use.

product picture
Blindfold by Sportsheets
Material: Faux-Leather
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.